Escape Bradenton Teams With Labyrinth & Red Thread Studios

Since the day that Escape Bradenton was even just an idea, we have had a mission to provide Bradenton, Sarasota, and the entire Tampa Bay area with the absolute best escape rooms in the area. We searched the entire country talking to escape room owners, builders, set decorators, haunted house companies... it was an exhaustive search. 

And then, one day, a conversation started on Facebook messenger between Kyle Tims (Co-Owner of Escape Bradenton) and Vincent Stevens (Co-Founder, Head of Operations at Labyrinth and Red Thread Studios.) The conversation could have been like the countless others Kyle had with other owners throughout the country, Vincent could have went into full-on sales pitch mode... but, he didn't. He told Kyle that if he has any questions or needed tips he'd love to help in any way he could, and oh yeah we also offer room design and build services. 

It was refreshing to say the least. Kyle had about 265 (rough estimate) questions and Vincent was patient and answered all of them. All of them. (Seriously, there were a lot.) Vincent did this before the two had even discussed the services Labyrinth and Red Thread could offer. That point came, and Kyle was absolutely blown away by the technology in their rooms and the STORY! Damn, the guys at Labyrinth know how to tell a good story in their rooms. 

Kyle was comfortable enough knowing he wanted to be in business with Labyrinth so he invited his partners, Bryan Uzbay and Deniz Uzbay (Co-Owners at Escape Bradenton), to the discussion and Vincent did the same with his partner, Andrew Lind (Co-Founder, CEO of Labyrinth and Red Thread Studios.) The group, as a whole, felt comfortable together and fast forward three months...

...Vincent, Andrew, and their tech specialist Matt were on a plane from Portland with a quick pit stop at LAX and straight on until Tampa. To say it has been a pleasure to work with these guys would be the understatement of the century. They are three of the most brilliant minds in the entire escape room industry. The technology we have in Escape Bradenton because of the three fellas from Portland makes us THE most advanced escape room experience in the state of Florida. 

The partnership between Escape Bradenton and Labyrinth coming together has made Tampa Bay not only an area with escape rooms available, but a hub for the entire state of Florida to experience the very best in the escape game industry. We have installed three amazing rooms Blitzkrieg, Crucifixus, and Inheritance. All of them beautifully designed and implemented, but also all of them so very unique from one another. A true testament to the storytelling of the team at Labyrinth to have varied rooms all with a tale that will make you feel like you stepped into a Hollywood mystery, military, or horror film. 

We are working towards something special here at Escape Bradenton and we want you to be a part of it. We want Bradenton and all of Tampa Bay to have a fun outlet for their adventurous sides. We are having fun building this crazy thing called an escape room, and we know you will have even more fun trying to escape! 


Escape Bradenton - The Trailers are LIVE!

Escape Bradenton | Escape Room in Bradenton, FL 

Have you ever wanted to star in a movie, jump into a video game, or become one of your favorite TV show characters? Now is your opportunity! Escape Bradenton is Bradenton and Sarasota's Premiere Escape Room experience. Come challenge your mind in one of our three adventures; Crucifixus, Inheritance, or Blitzkrieg. Check out the trailers for each game below and envision yourself immersed in your very own movie, video game, or TV show!