What is an Escape Room?


what is an escape room 2.jpg

The short version of what an escape room is... "a live, interactive game in which a player must use and manipulate their surroundings to escape an enclosed area." 

The long version is this...

An escape room is a collaborative, multiplayer game.. but in REAL life. When the door closes and you are in the room you are in a whole new world and need to use clues, puzzles, etc. to get out. You can be in a World War II Era Enemy Bunker, Sherlock Holmes Library, a midnight rendezvous in Paris, or the lair of a deranged serial killer. 

Themed entertainment isn't new in USA or elsewhere, but escape rooms are the evolved version of all that came before it. Not all escape rooms are created equal though; Escape Bradenton has sought out the brightest minds in the entire escape game industry to ensure we are providing an experience like no other in the Tampa Bay area. There is a reason our full name is Escape Bradenton: Man Vs. Room. That is the fun is being able to say you defeated the room! 

Our rooms are a lot like video games come to life. They are filled with gadgets, puzzles, and 2nd generation escape game technology and tailored for groups of 4-8 players. 


Again, the short version of this question is.. anyone. 

For a better idea of who can play escape rooms, the answer really is that simple... anyone. Our rooms are great for a friends & family gathering. Gamers who want to put down the controller for a night and come be inside the game. Co-workers and Corporate Clients looking for a fun team-building experience. The rooms are also awesome for special events... birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc. 

There is a growing movement of young people that aren't interested in going out on Friday nights and getting drunk, escape rooms are a fun, social event for people that treasure experiences and adventures. 

There is a growing "analog" movement in America. There is a reason vintage Instagram filters are so popular, there is a reason Kodak is releasing a next generation Super 8 film camera, and a reason why polaroid cameras have made such a resurgence. Escape rooms are just like that. It is a way to have a tangible experience void of digital distractions. Our players put their phones away and actually interact with each other in a real way. 


So, with that all being said. We hope you come give Escape Bradenton a try. We will be here and you will have a great time! 

Also, if there are typos above.. don't judge me. I'm sensitive.