Conspiracy is inspired by the mystery surrounding the greatest conspiracies of our time.

From The New World Order to JFK from NASA to MKUltra players must connect the dots and uncover the truth before all is lost.

Plunge into the hideout of the mysterious informant ICARUS and try to make sense of the musings of a paranoid genius. Look for paper trails and hints of the Freemasons in everyday items. Avoid mind control from the government and look at photographic proof of the CONSPIRACY.

This advanced level game will definitely prove to be a challenge for new and veteran players alike!

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Duration: 60min

Group Size: 4-8


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"I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed the two rooms our group has  done here. The staff is amazing, and the games are fun and challenging. The excitement you experience here is indescribable!"
- Brianne W. (Facebook)